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Spread, Size and Firsts

Standard Fireworks Ltd., is India 's largest fireworks manufacturing company. The company's products enjoy a 45% market-share in India and 5% of global exports. The company is currently growing at a steady rate of 10% every year.

Spread over forty million square feet of prime land with 16 manufacturing units and several ancillary units, it employs over 10,000 personnel. The fact that only 10% of the total land area is being used, answers the concern for issues of environment and safety during production.

Standard Fireworks has achieved the distinction of being the first Indian Company to break the monopoly of Chinese firecrackers in the US market, besides pioneering sales in countries such as U.K, Germany , Belgium , Holland , Spain , Canada , Middle East , South Africa and Sri Lanka.


Manufacturing Infrastructure and Facilities

Standard Fireworks has established in-house facilities for manufacturing every component in its entire product range. These also include; Raw materials, product design, packaging, printing, labeling, covers, cases, shells, raw material mixing, machining and storage. The facilities also include units for fuse making, wire cutting, extruding, manufacture of paper tubes, gunpowder, roll and dot caps.

The company's ease in arriving at new products and thereby commencing production to meet mass market demands, speaks volumes of its highly experienced and dedicated pyrotechnicians.

The ‘Research & Development' capability, combined with adherence to safety, legislation and quality standards has ensured that Standard Fireworks is a leading supplier to the explosives requirements of Military, Ordnance factories and public sectors in India.

Standard Fireworks has harnessed in Sivakasi, the right combination of location, humidity and temperature, availability of raw materials, technology and labour to produce an amazing range of products that meet International standards. At the horizon, the stage is all set for the Standard Fireworks products to display its capability, at celebrations across the globe.

Standard Fireworks Ltd. is a major supplier of explosives and special range of fireworks to the Indian Army, Air Force, Navy and Government owned Ordnance factories. Its range of products are expansive and cost effective.

The company has focused its attention and importance on every safety detail, while striving to achieve an `Accident-Free-Production Zone.'

Some of the regulations :

The safe humidity levels for production work is between 40 and 70 % If the level varies above or below, the work is immediately stopped.

The walls in the factory are protected with Lightning barriers, sandbags or earth mounds.

The floors of working rooms are laid with 3mm thick rubber sheet to avoid avoid friction.


Growth Profile of an Indian Pyrotechnics Giant

Into its sixth decade of existence, the Company has performed brilliantly to earn the distinction of being the ‘Number One' Pyrotechnics Company in India and to be the World's largest in terms of the number of employees. Its phenomenal success is a result of sustained efforts in manufacturing and standardising products. The graphical illustrations speak of the company's performance over the years.


Mr. K.A.A Arunachalam
Mr. N.R.K.R. Ravindran
Mrs. R. Thilagavathi Ravindran
Mr. C. Dhanasingh Chelladhurai
Mr. C. Rajasingh Chelladhurai
Mr. C. Subhashsingh Chelladhurai
Mr. N.R.K.R. Rajaratnam
Mr. Chiranjeevi Ratnam
Mr. S. Maheshwaran
Mr. S. Annamalai
Mr. A. Tenzing
Mr. S. Ashok


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