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The Consumer Product range

Standard Fireworks Ltd., has created the three most popular brands in the Indian fireworks industry – ‘Peacock' , ‘Bell' and ‘Chavi' which have transformed the entire product range into a household name in the Indian sub-continent.

From ‘Paper Caps' to psychedelic ‘Bangers' to soaring ‘Rockets' to dazzling functions, the product range of Standard Fireworks is as expansive as the right sky on your celebrations day.

The Display and Exhibitor range

Standard Fireworks has created a special product range called the ‘Garden Display' which requires a 50 metre safety radius, and an ‘Exhibition Display' range which requires a minimum safety radius of 150 metres.

Standard Fireworks Display Specialists have mesmerised spectator groups with their superbly engineered shows lasting from 10 minutes to an hour, across the country.

The aerial and ground display range of products are absolute Show-Stealers! Admired by millions across the globe for their rich colours, performance and undisputed brilliance, they match the magnitude of any celebration.



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