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In the beginning ...

The saga of India's largest fireworks manufacturer, began in 1942. The company traces its origin to a modest `safety-matches-making-shed' in Sivakasi. During its nascent years, the impetus to storm into the big league of pyrotechnic giants was sensed early by four towering pillars of the company; Mr. Rajaratnam, Mr. Chelladhurai, Mr.Sankaralingam and Mr.Arunachalam.

Undaunted by the early days of struggle, marked by import restrictions, rigid legislations, fire hazards and fierce competition, the Standard fireworks brands fought valiantly to gain the market foothold, and years later signified the emergence of an Indian pyrotechnics giant.

The company's zeal to manufacture high quality products and create brand leaders, soon paid rich dividends when the brands gained market prominence and signified the emergence of Indian Pyrotechnics giant.


History of Fireworks in India

In early part of 19th century, `Bhakthapu' or Bengal Lights, the small mudpot, emanating bright yellow lights, became the first ever firework manufactured in India.

The first Fireworks factory in India was set up at Calcutta by Mr.Das Gupta. Initially, he experimented with colour matches and later with gerbs, fountains and large size crackers. Subsequently, the focus of the fireworks industry shifted from Calcutta to Sivakasi, thanks to the enterprising efforts of Mr. Shanmugam Nadar and Mr. Iya Nadar.

Restrictions in import during the Second World war, posed a challenge to the local industry, which took the first step in indigenising various products. During the year 1940, the Indian Explosives Act was enforced whereby a system of licensing was introduced for manufacture, possession and sale of fireworks. This Act paved the way for organised sectors in the Industry. Sivakasi, soon became a home for fireworks.


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