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Where in the world is Sivakasi ?

Situated in Kamaraj district, in the state of Tamilnadu of South India, Sivakasi is a small town spanning 7.57 square kilometers, with a population of 65,593 (in 1991) and accounts for about 85% of the fireworks manufactured in India.

Plan a visit and you will be pleasantly surprised. The hospitality and comforts outweigh any minor inconveniences of travel.

Tropical climate prevails in most parts of the country and it is not surprising that this little town is typically hot and humid. The best months for a visit t Sivakasi are between November and January. The Standard Fireworks Group also run an excellent Hotel chain, with a choice of Indian and Continental menus. While the local language is Tamil, English is spoken too.


There are direct flights from Mumbai (Bombay) or Chennai (Madras) to Madurai , which is only 80 kms from Sivakasi. On arrival at Madurai, a call or message to Standard Fireworks would help ease your journey for onward travel, stay, business detours, etc.

Once at Sivakasi, a galore of tourist spots are easily accessible. Your destination could be Bangalore , Chennai, Mahabalipuram, Madurai , Kodaikanal, Ooty, Thekkadi, Pondicherry , Munnar, Kovalam, Kanyakumari, and a host of other pristine and exotic places.


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